Six ratios say this market is very overbought «

    Six ratios say this market is very overbought

    The U.S. stock market is more overvalued than it was at the majority of the past century’s peaks, according to six well-known valuation ratios, so a move to larger cash holdings may not be a bad idea. See full story.

    A nearly 17-year-old is reportedly author of malware that led to Target’s data breach
    The Target Corp. data breach that hurt retailers and has made many consumers skittish about using their cards has been traced to a Russian teenager who authored the malware used in the security breach, according to a cyber-intelligence firm. See full story.

    Detroit Auto Show’s newest hotties
    Putting some of its darkest days behind it, the 2014 North American International Auto Show celebrates cheap gas, easy credit, and a public eager for kicks in a new car. See full story.

    How to retire early — 35 years early
    For many Americans, the idea of an early retirement is pure fantasy — many surveys suggest that a good portion of us are convinced we’ll never be able to retire at all. But what if retirement saving isn’t quite as insurmountable an obstacle as you think? See full story.

    What FCC decision means for cable-cord cutters
    End of “net neutrality” could raise cost of streaming TV shows. See full story.

    For the best deals on these products, shop at big-box and grocery stores instead. See full story.